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Kaua’i, Hawai’i

Thank you for joining us on our organic tropical permaculture farm journey!🌴

We are a budding farm located on the island of Kaua’i in the Hawaii islands, operated by a Samoan-Chamorro-Japanese couple who stumbled upon this farming venture on O’ahu in 2018.

(We dreamt about having our own land to grow stuff on all our lives, but we just didn’t realize how it was going to come true until it happened overnight. And as quickly as it started, another major event would propel us to move to Kaua’i… more on this below!)

While we (sometimes im)patiently cultivate and grow crops, we also offer natural lifestyle consultations and healing sessions: Essential oils, Music Therapy, and BodyTalk.

How a couple with nothing but love and a dream manifested an idyllic farm life in Hawaii.

Have you ever had a dream, or an inspired idea – something that just popped into your head or “came out of nowhere” that made you feel excited – but then you let your brain talk you out of it? Because it seemed too unrealistic? Because how would you afford it? Because what would so-and-so think about it?

We hope our story can inspire you to follow your gut and follow your dreams, because for us, life has been nothing but a series amazing manifestations seemingly out of thin air.

Paradise Healing Farms literally came from a sketch of a dream.

One night, my husband and I were sitting on our couch, talking about what we want our next phase of our life to look like.

I had been sick for a while, and I knew that I needed a better way to nourish my soul and body in how I lived my everyday life.

So we drew a picture of a piece of land that we wanted, with our modern tiny home in the middle, a permaculture herb and plant fields and forest, music studio, spaces for kids activities… and our future children.

A couple of minutes later, my husband opened up Craigslist, looking for some gardening tools (at this point, all we had was our lanai filled with potted plants).

Then he finds a listing for an acre of organic farm land for lease… for a ridiculously low price we couldn’t believe.

“It’s gotta be a scam,” we said to each other, “it’s too good to be true.”

But we had such a good feeling about it that we contacted them anyway, and figured we had nothing to lose.

The owner of the land replied to our email right away, saying that if we wanted to take a look at the property the next day, his son would be able to meet us there.

Off we went, with no idea what to expect, with nothing but a gut feeling that this was going to be the right thing.

This is when things got weird.

As we pulled into the parking lot where we were meeting the son, he sticks his head out the window in disbelief as he called out my name, “…Mayu!??”

Turns out he was my friend – he used to bring his wife and son to my music therapy class when he was a baby!

We looked at the land with him and signed the lease right away, and just like that… we were farmers.

That same week, the owner asked if we wanted some sheep to help us eat the overgrown grass, and just like that… we were shepherds.

The day after we signed the lease, we started looking for a dog (why wouldn’t we have a dog on a farm?). We couldn’t find any online at that moment, but we put it out there in the universe that we wanted a puppy. The very next day, we went over to our cousins’ house, and…*cue twilight music* their dog just gave birth to a litter of 8.

“Do you guys want one?”

We picked the hungriest and biggest boy, and 6 weeks later, he officially became our farm pup!

The thing is, we had no doubts during this whole process.

We didn’t think about what we would be able to afford or even how we would make the specifics work, or anything else that would creep any hesitation or doubt into our minds.

And we certainly didn’t think about what others would think if we did it.

For me, having been sick was actually a huge blessing in disguise. It allowed me the time to retreat, heal and work through some old wounds that were eating me up – and gave me a clear feeling of surrender to the flow of God/the Universe. I had no distractions and could really clarify what the priority was for my life, and for the life that my (then fiancé) husband and were building together.

All we did was be fully open, and being in love with each other helped to propel all of this forward-moving motion. But we needed to also be in love with ourselves first to attract each other into manifestation, too! (More on the amazing signs from the universe when we were falling in love)

We can create Paradise on Earth – or hell – with our attention to our dreams or to our tragedies.

We are still in the very beginning stages of this farm journey, but we are enjoying every moment of it, even the frustrating ones or parts that seem like “hard work.” It’s not hard work to us only because of our mindset. If we were going to complain about doing it, then we shouldn’t have started it at all!

While our farm is developing, we are also continuing the essential oil and natural health education as well as in-person and distance healing sessions that we have been doing for the past several years.

We are constantly uploading new recipes, research findings, spiritual inspiration and resources, so we hope you find things that help you or a loved one, or just help to get connected to your own inspiration and happiness.


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Getting Started with Essential Oils

“There’s too much information out there… I don’t know where to start!” 

If you want to improve your health, doTERRA is the way to go. The quality of their oils and products is by far the best on the market due to their strict and ethical sourcing and production guidelines. It’s backed by evidence and science. The problem is, it probably won’t help you if you don’t have the right information and guidance, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there on the wide sea of the internet on how to use them safely and effectively.

Taking care of your own health naturally should feel good, easy and uncomplicated, so we’ve put together the 3 easiest ways to get started, wherever you are on your journey.

Let’s start by figuring out where you’re at.

1️⃣I am totally an online shopper, and I don’t care about discounts. I’ll just get one or two items I like.  

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3️⃣I want personal guidance from a qualified practitioner on whether these products will actually help me, but I don’t want to just be sold to. I’m willing to spend 15-30 minutes to discuss my needs and if doTERRA could be the solution. 

Email us to book a free wellness consultation with subject “Wellness Consult.” There’s absolutely no obligation to buy. We don’t believe in hard selling, because we’re confident in the product, and the right people will find it at the right time. We’re just here to be that catalyst. If you do wish to order, then we will help you get set up so you can purchase all doTERRA products at 25% off.