What is BodyTalk?

Other than being a farm wife, I have always been drawn to the world of healing. Over the years, I’ve studied several healing techniques, and I have been a board-certified music therapist and holistic health practitioner for many years. (Basically, a hippie with a lot of credentials, so when I announced that I was doing a farm, my friends acted like they were surprised, but not really.)

One of the turning points in my therapist career was discovering a consciousness-based health system called BodyTalk. My now best friend and mentor Karen Atkins, a well-known health educator, came to the yoga center in San Francisco I was running at the time to teach a BodyTalk class, and I was hooked.

BodyTalk is a complete system that utilizes “tapping” methods to restore health in the cells of the body. Based on the most progressive research in quantum physics, it is a practical and methodical – albeit intuitive and seemingly mystical – way to repair relationships within the body so that all cells, organs, and systems work together in the most harmonious way possible.

After sampling Karen’s introductory class, I took the fundamentals course right away to become certified as a practitioner.

Not only did I get amazing results with my emotional and physical health, the sessions I started doing for my clients were just blowing my mind. It was like all of a sudden, I would connect with their body/mind and would be able to “see” where they were disconnected. Once those areas were highlighted and brought up to their awareness and released from the body, longstanding aches, pains, heartaches and discomforts also left their body.

Consciousness is the foundation of BodyTalk – it’s about tapping into the subconscious, which makes up more than 90% of our consciousness. We are only conscious 1-10% of the time! If we can (literally) tap into our subconscious and access our Inner Wisdom, then our bodies will be able to regain health.

I want to share one of Karen’s videos on a basic technique used in BodyTalk, called Cortices Balancing.

Karen says that “this is the most powerful technique I have found to:

-Calm the fight or flight response
-Get us out of overwhelm
-Speed up the healing process of trauma or injury

I have been teaching the cortices balancing technique for over 10 years, and have seen more miracles with this technique than any other single tool I’ve used. If each individual feels more peaceful inside then, one by one, the world becomes more peaceful. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

There are thousands and thousands of testimonials from people from all over the world who’ve alleviated symptoms anywhere from headaches to insomnia and from ADD to Autism.”

Here is the video to show you how to do it.  By balancing both sides of the brain, the brain can do its work with better flow.  It’s very simple and only takes a minute, so give it a try on yourself, and on your babies and partners too!

BodyTalk gives us the power to become intermediaries between us and our innate wisdom. Our innate wisdom controls the communication between our 50-100 trillion cells. It knows what’s going on in the body. But because of all the conditioning, polluting, and ego-driven thinking that has separated us from this “inner doctor,” we need help from a system like BodyTalk to re-open the lines of communication and rediscover our bodies’ perfect ways to restore themselves.

Karen Atkins is really at the forefront of this healing technique in the US and I feel so lucky to have learned from the best. She has traveled all around the world to teach and train new BodyTalk practitioners. In Europe, BodyTalk has become a university degree, and many are lobbying for that to happen in the US as well.

For phone consultations and in-person (on Oahu) or distant healing sessions, please contact us here.