The meaning and significance of 222 (and other signs from the Universe)

God, the Universe, the invisible yet powerful energy that connects all things and dimensions, is ALWAYS giving us signs.

Throughout our lives, since we were very young, my husband and I both knew there were signs from the nonphysical all around us. One of the significant ways in which we noticed this was through seeing certain numbers, and I know we’re not alone, because so much of this has been experienced, written by and defined by so many people.

This is our story of seeing the “angel numbers.”

For a few months right before I got together with my husband, I kept seeing “222” everywhere – on the cash register screen at the store I was managing, on the clock, on license plates – so much so that I had been telling people that that was my lucky number.

I had always had an awareness of seeing certain numbers and had studied numerology for a while. But this one felt different – it was more intense and very frequent. Whenever I saw it, it felt good, like God was reminding me that everything was going just fine.

The day we went on our first date, I had a thought that if this man is going to be a significant person in my life, then he is going to have one of two birthdays: it would either be the same as a close friend who passed away when I was young, or it would be my mom’s (who also died several years ago).

They were my guardian angels and I knew that there would be some guidance from them. My mom’s birthday was in the winter and my friend’s in the summer, and Doug, always smiling and exerting a positive vibe, seemed more like a summer guy. So I asked him very specifically if that was his birthday.

He probably thought that I had looked up his personal information somewhere, because to both of our surprise, that WAS his birthday.

So that was the first kind of psychic number connection I picked up with him. We had a sweet first date; we talked and laughed for hours laying on the sand at the beach. We both felt like we were catching up with an old friend.

The next day, I was at work and he sent me a text at 2:22 pm.

It said: “222.”

Nothing else, just 222. At 2:22 pm.

I was freaking out, because for months I had been seeing 222 and saying that this was MY number! (And I hadn’t told him about it.)

I replied right away saying, “How the F do you know about my number!?”

“It’s MY number,” he texted back. “When I was 16 or 17, I had a dream that I died. And when I woke up, the clock said 2:22. So ever since then, I’ve noticed 222 and it’s been a number that stuck with me.”

We had each looked up the meaning of 222 previously, and found that these repetitive numbers were known as “angel numbers.” It’s a number that you see when you’re on the right track, that good things are coming to you, that everything is unfolding at the right time.

2 is also a number of partnership – and to know that a great partnership is on its way.

The more important thing that I’ve found is that these numbers can have all these “meanings” behind them from what numerologists and psychics and others have defined BUT the true meaning is up to each and every individual.

In other words, it didn’t necessarily have to be 222 for us, it could have been any other number or another sign, that we could have given meaning to.

We can play a game with the Universe with any element we choose – if it’s a number or a bird or a butterfly or any other sign – those signs are always there, and we just have to tune into them and what they mean to us.

222 was an easy one to notice that we could connect upon, and we still see it everywhere, especially when we are appreciating our life, or when we start to feel negative emotions and seeing it brings us back into a more positive mood.

Later, my husband told me, “I sent you 222 because I wanted to see if we were on the same wavelength. I was testing you and our connection.”

It’s a sort of contract with life, that anytime we need the reminder to get out of a funk, the signs come into our present reality.

So when we got engaged, we immediately knew that we would get married on 2/22, and that just happened a few months ago. It was the best day of our lives, filled with so much love and pure joy.

Messages from the Universe are always around us… and dreams really do come true.

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